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If the answer turns out to be C, then your story wins, but the laws of quantum mechanics are broken. Alex March 20, at 9: The 1 reason why America sucks is the people as a whole. Race is nothing but an illusion that is keeping us all from being the family and friends that we could and should be to each other. This is not the first time slavery has ever happened. Yet recently I told a Black craftsman that I got fence installed and it was screwed up, so he asked me was the installer Mexican and I said yes, and he said, see what I mean? View 10 more explanations.

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There’s now a ‘pore vacuum’ that can suck up blackheads – Business Insider

How YOU can steal Rihanna’s glow: Feminism didn’t change much. For the past disgusting history for the you did to this beautiful land and for the killing you didi with native Americans sooner or later you will all pay. Not one person today has ever owned a slave and never goddamn will. I dont think we need to look any futher than that! As it turns out, that facial vacuum will literally suck a blackhead out of your face, and while it is kind of disturbing to watch a person’s face be sucked into a nozzle, it’s endlessly fascinating, and hey, if it helps get rid of blackheads, is it not worth a shot?

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But there’s another theory. According to the magazine, the device uses air pressure to pull your skin up and remove impurities found inside of your pores. Goddess Hecate December 10, at 2: Guns don’t kill people, black people kill people.

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